1. How much is the shipping cost?


All shipping costs depend on several different factors, including:


Domestic and international freight

Package weight

Selected shipping method

We do not bear any expenses incurred due to customs reasons.





2. What should I do if the payment is declined?

Please contact your bank to process your next order and try again.

b. Pay with another card.

c. Change other payment methods.




3. Do you want to take us to your store?


Currently, we do not accept any new wholesale accounts!





4. Do you have a size guide?

You can find our unique size guide next to each garment on the website, which will provide you with information about which size to choose.





5. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed, the order cannot be cancelled because it has already entered our system for dispatch. If you no longer need the order, you must return the order in accordance with our return process for a refund.